When is the last time you used creativity? Seriously, I’m looking for answers

Something I’m passionate about is dispelling the notion that creativity is only for artists.

Next week’s episode is about everyday creativity and I am looking to share stories from YOU! Responses can be as short as a couple words or as long as a couple thousand words. Well, maybe let’s cap it at a couple hundred. No, a couple thousand is good.

You can submit your answer by commenting below, using my contact page, tweeting me @weekly_creative, or emailing me at derek@weeklycreative.com

Examples include:

– I came up with a new way to get my daughter to eat vegetables

– I figured out how to organize a particular shelf in the garage

– I discovered a way to get my dog to not bark at passing dogs (in my dreams)

– I cured cancer

Don’t feel your story has to be compelling. Normal and boring stories are more than welcome. Thank you!

Whatcha gotta say bout it?

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