33: Metaphors

The pros and cons of metaphors, etc. Featuring a slow jam simile session with my wife, Amanda.

31: Rejection

Hello and welcome back to the second season of The Weekly Creative! This week I talk about the role of … More

28: Silence

Attack of the ticking-clock, Hurricane Katrina and canoes, and the magic trick of the century. Based on that, this episode … More

27: Life

“Put your desk in the corner, and every time you sit down there to write, remind yourself why it isn’t … More

26: One

Throwing things at Steve Jobs, etc. In creating, communicating, and productivity, it’s all about the power of ONE. This week’s … More

25: Delete and Start Over

The parable of the nachos, my phobia of not finishing books, and other adventures along the dumping-salvaging continuum. Sometimes it’s … More

24: Triggers

How I lost my wallet in a food court, how (the lack of) food trucks can promote world peace, and … More

23: Finish Strong

My 7th grade track and field fail, my central park bridge sketching fail, and how creative projects are like giant … More

22: Workspace

What does science say about the ideal workspace? What about other creative’s like Steve Jobs, EB White, and Chip Kidd? … More

21: Overthinkers, Unite!

My personal war against overthinking aka how I managed to do a backflip on skis. This week’s Creative Genius is … More

20: On Going Viral

My own short-lived viral fame, when “cash flow positive” isn’t necessarily a good thing, and my roast of Tai Lopez’s … More

19: Patience

Just as not allowing freshly laid concrete to cure the right amount of time can lead to a building’s ultimate … More

18: Time Management

Missing flights and pools of chaos. What good is creativity if there is no order? Come learn some time management … More

16: Do What You Love

What would you do with a billion dollars? This episode is about identifying your passions–discovering what makes you tick. Make … More

New Baby!

Announcing the arrival of the most precious, newest weekly creative on the block: Quinn Hallie Walker, born this past Monday, … More

The Dot on the Chalkboard

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Because of the aforementioned holiday season, I will not be doing … More

11: Creative. Everyday.

Why washing your face is a waste of time (this statement is not FDA approved), some Japanese vocab, and the … More

01: Invisible

Welcome to the first episode of The Weekly Creative. Today we are talking about the original unsung hero, invisible design.