30: Those In-between Moments

Thanks so much to all the Weekly Creatives out there. We truly have an awesome listener base. I’m calling this episode the end of Season 1, with plans to take a few weeks off. I am not sure exactly when I will be back, so keep checking back here (weeklycreative.com) and on twitter for updates. In the meantime, share your favorite episodes with your friends! We’ll see you again in a few weeks with a new and improved Weekly Creative podcast!

Why you should switch up your commute, brush your teeth in the dark, and listen to world music. This episode is inspired by my good friend, Adam Muller from the Mullercast, and the horse that I almost hit with my car the other day.

1 Comment

  1. Love it, Derek!
    Thanks for the shoutout, man. I look forward to what’s in store for The Weekly Creative.


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