How I’m going to make The Weekly Creative more interesting

Good morning Weekly Creatives. Or WCs. Or dub-seez.

Here’s the thing, my goal is to only create things that I, myself, am interested in.  I only make music that I like listening to. I only design websites that I like using. I only paint wall murals that I admire (is that what you do to wall murals?).

The same goes for my podcast. My goal is to only create episodes that I enjoy listening to.

After listening to the latest episode about Process, I noticed myself zoning out a bit. I thought to myself, “geez, maybe there’s a reason why people don’t care about the process.” My interest was piqued during some parts, like the part about Startup, and then un-piqued by other parts, like the part about the history of my creative outlets.

I think the content is still good, but there weren’t enough stories. Stories, stories, stories. The only things that matter.

After this last episode about Process, I came up with an idea to make The Weekly Creative more interesting. Before I post an episode, Amanda and I will listen to the episode and rank the interestingness level of each segment, like such as:


That way, I can take a step back, take a look at which parts are not as interesting and either replace them, or change them.

By the way, if you believe that I do wall murals, you obviously don’t know me very well. But that can change.

Whatcha gotta say bout it?

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